Long travel distances always pose special requirements on an e-chain system®. From a certain point, the upper run needs the potential to glide on the lower run or on glide bars. Moreover the e-chain system® requires guidances to prevent a lateral offset. In most cases this is ensured by a guide trough. There are also applications in which a guide trough is not required due to optical or spatial conditions. In order to cover this gap, igus® developed the autoglide system in 1995. autoglide are self-aligning e-chains®, which can dispense with guide troughs up to 50 m travel. You save purchase and installation costs and can keep tracks in the hall free for forklifts or industrial trucks.

  • For travels up to 80 m.

  • For travel speeds up to 2.5 m/s

  • autoglide chain links of one piece, no additional parts required

  • Very fast installation times for long travels

  • Guide troughs not required!

  • Narrow installation width, quiet operation

  • Functional guarantee for the entire system with chainflex® cables

  • Available in four versions:

    • For the E4.1 system

    • For the E2/000 system

    • Quick filling – simply press cables in

    • Special guiding elements

  • Safe, quiet, abrasion-resistant and energy efficient

  • With travels of up to 80m and speeds of up to 2.5m/s

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