e-rib - Corrugated tube systems

This solution was already presented in 2015. The e-rib is clipped onto a corrugated hose. The sizes of the hoses are independent for the use of the e-rib. The e-rib stabilises the corrugated hose so that it can only move in one direction. Guide elements on the sides give the corrugated hose a certain unsupported length.


  • Little installation space required
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Independent of hose manufacturer
  • Stability prevents unintentional sideways movement
  • No detrimental change in the impermeability of the corrugated hose
  • Three sizes for nominal hose widths DN23, DN29 and DN36
  • Available in four sizes for hose nominal widths NW23, NW29, NW36 and NW48
    • Can be easily retrofitted
    • Longer service life for cables in corrugated tubes
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