JFBD overextruded conduit

Flexible, smooth easy to clean over-extruded conduit. Suitable for a clean and hygienic environment.

The JFBD conduit offers assured protection not only for cables in the food processing sector but wherever there are stricter requirements for cleanability. The food industry sometimes employs aggressive cleaning agents; conduits must therefore be highly resistant to them.
The JFBD‘s high resistance to cleaning agents has been confirmed by the award of an ECOLAB certificate. In addition, the JFBD conduit‘s easy cleanability has been demonstrated with good results by the internal riboflavin test (a fluorescence test which uses UV light to show evidence of contamination).


  • IP 69 rated
  • For dynamic or static processing cable protection systems in food and beverage industry
  • For general applications with high cleaning requirements
  • Smooth food grade outer layer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good resistance to dynamic loads
  • High reversed bending stresses
  • Good flexibility in combination with high strength
  • High resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Free from halogen and cadmium
  • Corrosion free
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