• Specially developed Adapter-Plate for using vacuum blocks VCBL-B on grid tables
  • The Adapter-Plate is placed directly on the grid of the nesting machine table
  • Vacuum blocks VCBL-B can be placed into the suction cup mount of the Adapter-Plate at any orientation in 15° steps to align the suction area as desired
  • The vacuum blocks are available in three different heights (29, 48 and 74 mm) and four different suction areas as an accessorie

Product Highlights:

  • Modular system consisting of Adapter-Plate and suction cups offers maximum flexibility in positioning the suction cups
  • Vacuum blocks of different heights allow several working heights and, depending on the machine, also 5-axis machining
  • Unused vacuum blocks VCBL-B can remain on the machine table thanks to the sensing valve
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