Sensors for Roller Conveyor Systems

Sensors for roller conveyor systems provide for intelligent stand-alone and system solutions for electrically or pneumatically controlled raceway conveyors. The specially developed format is ideally matched to the design of the conveyor systems, in order to protect the sensors from mechanical influences and to detect objects reliably – regardless of colour, shape and surface characteristics.

The time-saving fast-clip mounting system with quick wiring reduces sensor installation and maintenance effort by more than 60%. Configuration via the wireless NFC interface (near field communication) is ingeniously simple as well, which makes it possible to set parameters via an Android smartphone or an NFC-USB adapter with the help of Wenglor software or the Wenglor app – without connecting the sensors to any source of supply power. Numerous intelligent features are available for controlling the systems which increase their capacity and efficiency, and simultaneously reduce idle time, as well as energy consumption and noise level.

Sensors for roller conveyor systems are available with or without accumulation logic, and with two different modes of operation: reflex sensors for roller conveyor systems function in accordance with the principal of angular measurement, and retro-reflex sensors for roller conveyor systems with reflector in accordance with the barrier principle. Any desired external sensors can be connected to the logic units for roller conveyor systems and integrated into the System.

Application examples:

  • Detection of objects on roller conveyor systems
  • Control of roller conveyor systems
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