Lightweight Gripping Systems SLG

Clicked, printed, delivered.


  • Universal handling of free-form workpieces such as sheets as well as flat workpieces such as packages
  • Use on lightweight robots and cobots
  • End-of-Line Palletizing (EOLP)


The lightweight gripping system SLG is ideal for use on lightweight robots and cobots for automatically handling different workpieces. The additive manufacturing process used to produce the SLG gives the system a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be adapted to and used on a multitude of custom applications.


Product highlights

  • Intuitive and fast configuration of the gripper replaces design and layout of the vacuum system
  • High payload with minimal weight by means of additive manufacturing
  • Individual adaptation of the gripper system to your workpiece
  • Plug & Work through selection of common robot flanges
  • HRC-capable
  • Ready for shipment within a maximum of 7 working days


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