Barcode Line Scanners

Wenglor line scanners impress in the scanning of high-density barcodes.
In automatic calibration mode, the line scanner automatically adjusts the scan rate and scan width to suit the corresponding application. The scanner's small size allows it to be used in very confined spaces.
The successful decoding of barcodes is further verified for the switching signal by an acoustic signal and an LED display.
Multiple scanners can be connected via Daisy Chain or Multidrop. A link to bus systems is possible through separate gateways.

Wenglor line scanners with CCD array can even reliably read barcodes that are printed or lasered on glossy materials - even when these are low contrast or the code is of a poor quality. In addition to the switching signal, a good read LED confirms successful code readings. Adjustment and operation are very simple thanks to the graphic display. The Ethernet interface enables fast data transfer. Thanks to the wide temperature range from -20°C to +50°C, barcode scanners with CCD line are ideal for use in extreme conditions.

Application examples:

Line scanners:

  • Scanning of high-density barcodes
  • Checking the completeness and quality of printed codes
  • Scanning from a great distance

 Line scanners with CCD array:

  • Reading bar codes on glossy materials
  • Reading bar codes with low contrast or poor print quality
  • Product tracing in production processes
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