The E4.1 system combines all the advantages of the previous three versions and is the best igus energy chain in the product range. Series E4.1 is stronger whilst having the same or even smaller dimensions than previous versions. Almost all accessories and mounting dimensions are identical. With the igus E4.1 system, the service life of your application can be still increased at lower costs.

  • Tough, low-noise, modular. System E4.1 - Advantages of the proven E4 series
  • Opening the energy chain: press the groove of the crossbar vertically with a screwdriver. Release with lever movement (against the flange)
  • Straight run and fast assembly due to inner/outer-link design Very high stability due to the undercut design
  • Inner height: 30 to 800mm
  • Lids removable along the inner and outer radius
  • Fully enclosed design
  • For especially demanding applications
  • Undercut design for the best possible lateral stability
  • Double stop-dog system and large pin/bore connection for high level of force absorption
  • High push force on long travels and for large unsupported lengths
  • Noise-reducing "brakes" and optional noise dampers
  • Integrated "brake" for low-noise running
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