Flat Linear Modules

The low profile, the lateral lead screw arrangement and a striking design, are just some of the reasons why the drylin® SLT linear module was honoured with the 2014 IF Award. Technically, the system impresses with ball bearing mounted trapezoidal or high helix thread lead screws for motorised or manual operation. The basis of the SLT series is the drylin® T miniature guide in sizes 12 and 15.

  • Low-profile structure through lateral
    lead screw arrangement
  • Lubrication-free, corrosion-resistant,
  • Variable pitch
  • Adjustable drylin® T miniature carriage
  • Lead screw arrangement can be selected
    either left or right

Typical application areas

  • Format adjustments
  • Laboratory and medical technology
  • Optical equipment

Flat Linear Modules Product Range

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