Single Hybrid Roller Bearings: WJRM-01

drylin® hybrid roller bearings offer an unique lubrication-free combination of plain and roller bearings. The integrated rollers achieve low driving forces, while the sliding effect simultaneously protect against radial loads. This makes drylin® hybrid roller bearings ideal for manual adjustments in door applications (e.g. machine doors, safety doors), but also in mobile control panels. The efficient design using plastics with zinc die-casting also cuts costs. Hybrid bearings can be used on various hard-anodised aluminium profiles from the drylin® W linear construction kit.

  • Smooth operation
  • Low-profile
  • Offset and abuse forces are easily absorbed
    by sliding elements
  • Location on rail ensures reliability
  • Matching guide rails made from hardanodised aluminium
  • Low driving force required
  • Cost-effective

Typical application areas

  • Machine doors
  • Safety doors
  • Operator panels
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