Magnetically coded safety

Elevate your industrial safety standards with our cutting-edge magnetically coded safety systems, designed to provide superior protection for machinery and personnel. Our comprehensive range includes evaluation units, read heads with reed contacts, and read heads with hall contacts, all engineered to ensure that safety circuits are opened reliably when needed. Whether integrating an actuator with a safety function or utilising a separate actuator, our systems offer flexibility with options for door locking mechanisms and are available in durable metal or versatile plastic housings.

Our magnetically coded safety solutions are designed to halt hazardous machine movements effectively when a guard is opened, preventing unauthorised restarts and ensuring that guards cannot be defeated or manipulated. Ideal for applications requiring the safety gate to remain interlocked until hazardous conditions are resolved, our products are an economical choice for safety gate and position monitoring across a range of industries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative Magnetic Coding: Utilises unique magnetic codes for high-reliability safety checks, reducing the risk of tampering and ensuring secure operations.
  • Flexible Integration: Offers solutions with integrated or separate actuators, with and without door locking, to suit a variety of installation requirements.
  • Durable Housing Options: Available in robust metal or flexible plastic housings, providing long-lasting durability in harsh industrial environments.
  • Comprehensive Safety Monitoring: Ideal for safety gate and position monitoring, our systems ensure that hazardous machine movements are stopped promptly.
  • Versatile Product Range: Includes evaluation units, read heads with reed contacts, and read heads with hall contacts, offering tailored solutions for specific safety needs.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward integration into existing safety protocols, enhancing system reliability with minimal downtime.
  • Economic Efficiency: Provides an effective and budget-friendly solution for meeting stringent safety regulations while protecting personnel and equipment.

Magnetically coded safety Product Range

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