Robotic Cables

Step into the future of industrial automation with chainflex® Robotic Cables, meticulously engineered for use in robotics, energy chains, and 3D applications. chainflex® cables are tailored to meet the high stress and flexibility requirements of advanced robotic systems, ensuring smooth operation and longevity in the most challenging environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for 3D Movements: These robot cables are ideal for dynamic 3D applications, offering excellent flexibility and twistability to accommodate complex robotic movements.
  • Extreme Industrial Durability: Built to withstand extremely high industrial stress, chainflex® cables maintain their integrity and performance in rigorous conditions.
  • Hydrolysis and Microbe Resistance: The cables are treated to resist hydrolysis and microbial degradation, enhancing their suitability for a variety of industrial settings.
  • UV Resistance: With built-in UV resistance, chainflex® cables are perfect for applications with exposure to sunlight and outdoor elements.
  • Versatile Cable Types: Our range includes hybrid cables, fibre optic cables (FOCs), motor cables, and servo cables, each designed to meet specific robotic and automation needs.
  • High Performance in Energy Chains: chainflex® cables are specially designed for use in energy chains, ensuring reliable power and data transmission even in continuous motion scenarios.
  • Superior Material Quality: We offer cables with various jacket materials, each selected for optimal protection and performance in different industrial environments.
  • Compatibility with Advanced Robotics: chainflex® robotic cables are compatible with a wide range of robotic systems, making them a versatile choice for numerous industrial applications.

Robotic Cables Product Range

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