Safety Switches with Lock Function

Safety switches are laid out for use in safety circuits and are used to monitor the positions of movable guards, for example safety doors.
The safety switches with lock function and the guard locking devices are equipped with an electromechanical or electromagnetic interlock which protects against unauthorized access, for example when used as a door lock. These safety components can be set up to function in accordance with either the operating or the power to unlock principle.
Electromagnetic safety switches, safety switches with lock function and guard locking devices work in a contactless fashion, thus assuring easy cleaning and a long service life.
The electromechanical safety switches with lock function and the guard locking devices are distinguished in particular by their rugged and innovative star handle. Integrated encoding for the various types also ensures high levels of protection against manipulation.
The standard M12 connector permits quick system integration. The safety switches, safety switches with lock function and guard locking devices can be used for safety levels of up to category 4, PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)/SIL3 (EN 62061), even where several sensors are cascaded.

The function of the safety switches with lock corresponds to that of the guard locking device without continuous monitoring of the locking force. The safety output is enabled as soon as the correct actuator has been detected.

Application examples:

  • Safe door monitoring
  • Protection of covers and flaps
  • Secure door locking
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