Intrinsically Safe Cables

Discover our range of intrinsically safe cables, where safety and functionality meet, as these are designed for use within intrinsically safe circuits of type 'i'. 

These cables are not only UV and weather-resistant according to ISO 4892-2 but also flexible and numbered, ensuring ease of use and installation. 

Characterised by a distinctive blue outer sheath, specifically designated for intrinsically safe circuits, and with a U0/U rating of 300/500V, these cables are crafted to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient electrical connection in various applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Intrinsically Safe: Designed specifically for use within intrinsically safe circuits, ensuring optimal safety and functionality.
  • UV and Weather-Resistant: Adhering to ISO 4892-2, ensuring durability and performance even under challenging weather conditions.
  • Flexible and Numbered: Facilitating easy and accurate installation, ensuring each cable is placed correctly within the system.
  • Distinctive Blue Sheath: Easily identifiable for safe circuitry, ensuring the correct cable is used for intrinsically safe circuits.
  • High Voltage Rating: With a U0/U rating of 300/500V, ensuring a stable and secure electrical connection across various applications.

Intrinsically Safe Cables Product Range

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