Cable Glands

Cable glands (also known as strain relief fittings, cable connectors or cable seals) are vital for most electrical systems. They provide a secure, reliable, water-tight connection between cables and electrical enclosures, making them an essential part of any wiring system.


Cable glands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in metric or PG threads, and are designed to accommodate different types of cables and wires. When selecting a cable gland, it is important to consider the size of the cable and the type of connection required. The size of the cable gland must match the size of the cable to ensure a secure connection. Whereas the type of connection required will depend on the type of system being used. Treotham's trained representatives can assist you with the correct sizing to match the cable and your application, so contact us for assistance.


The most common type of cable gland is the compression type, which is typically used to connect a cable to an enclosure or panel. The compression style is the most common because it is easy to install and provides a reliable connection. It is also the least expensive type of cable gland. Other types of cable glands include the gland nut, which is used to secure a cable to an enclosure or panel, and the threaded type, which is used to connect a cable to a terminal block or other electrical components.

Hummel Cable Glands

Treotham supplies a large range of Hummel cable glands to suit a wide range of applications. This range includes plastic cable glands, metal cable glands, EMC cable glands, Ex cable glands and other special cable glands.

Pflitsch Cable Glands

Treotham also offers Pflitsch cable glands for highly reliable seals and durability in industrial environments. Due to superior strain relief that ensures the cables cannot slip out or be pulled out of a connector, Pflitsch cable glands are suitable for industries such as railway, chemical & pharmaceutical, electrical, energy generation & distribution, food production, machinery equipment, and robotics & automation. Within this range are Pflitsch cable trays, accessories, tools and machine tools too.

Cable Glands Product Range

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