Fire Barrier Solutions

As a global leader in cable protection systems for the rail industry, PMA proudly introduces the latest innovation in fire safety: EN 45545-3 compliant fire barrier solutions. Designed to seamlessly integrate with proven cable protection systems, these solutions offer unparalleled safety and reliability in fire protection.

Choose PMA's Fire Barrier Solutions for superior fire safety in rail applications. Browse the range for advanced, compliant, and reliable fire protection options.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative PMA Metal Adapters with Intumescent Material: These adapters, essential for rail applications, feature built-in intumescent material. In a fire, the material expands up to 40 times its size, sealing gaps around cables and preventing fire, smoke, and gas from spreading.
  • Compatibility with Standard PMA Cable Protection Products: Fire barrier solutions are designed to work in conjunction with an established range of cable protection products, ensuring a secure and compliant fit for rail industry needs.
  • Strain Relief Cable Clamping Elements from Pflitsch: For years, PMA has integrated Pflitsch's reliable clamping elements. Now, with special fire-resistant versions, these elements provide an effective barrier against fire, smoke, and gas for up to 15 minutes.
  • Adapters for Roxtec Sealing Systems: Newly developed adapters include intumescent material and are tailored to fit Roxtec sealing modules, widely used in rail and shipbuilding. This combination ensures a perfectly sealed system, enhancing safety standards.

Fire Barrier Solutions Product Range

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