• Effortless gripping for small and medium sized workpieces
  • Processing of workpieces from all sides with a continuous rotate and pivot function
  • Version VC-M with integrated vacuum generation through the Ventauri principle can be operated on any conventional compressed air supply
  • Version VC-M-V with connection for external vacuum pump for Independent use at any location
  • VC-M-V can be fixed to the table by vacuum, VC-M is fixed mechanically

Product Highlights:

  • More gentle on the workpiece than conventional clamping systems thanks to soft friction and sealing materials
  • Integrated vacuum generation in version VC-M makes additional vacuum pump unnecessary
  • Flexible 5-sided machining, as Multi-Base can be rotated continuously (360°) and swivelled (90°)
  • Cost-effective stand-alone clamping solution, as the Multi-Clamp suction plate can also be used individually
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