Power Cables

Explore the robust range of chainflex® Power Cables, including motor cables, single-core cables, and medium-voltage cables - each engineered for optimal performance in challenging industrial environments. chainflex® cables are designed to meet the high demands of power transmission in various applications, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Motor Cables: Specifically tailored for motor connections, chainflex® motor cables offer exceptional electrical characteristics, ensuring efficient power delivery and stable operation under dynamic conditions.
  • Single Core Cables: Ideal for simple and efficient power distribution, chainflex® cables provide a high degree of flexibility and are perfect for installations where space and bending radii are limited.
  • Medium Voltage Cables: Engineered for higher power applications, chainflex® medium-voltage cables are capable of handling substantial power loads, making them suitable for heavy industrial use.
  • Durability and Reliability: All power cables are rigorously tested and proven to withstand tough industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Various Jacket Materials: Available in PVC, iguPUR, PUR, or TPE, these materials are selected to provide optimal protection against environmental factors like oils, coolants, and UV radiation.
  • Optimised Bending Radii: Designed with flexibility in mind, chainflex® cables can be used in tight spaces, offering easy installation and routing without sacrificing performance.
  • Compatibility with Energy Chains: Perfectly suited for use in chainflex® energy chains, chainflex® cables ensure smooth operation and minimal wear in moving applications.
  • Safety and Compliance: Adhering to the highest industry standards, chainflex® power cables are flame-retardant and conform to global regulatory requirements.

Power Cables Product Range

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