Spherical Bearings

The use of spherical bearings is usually associated with heavy materials, difficult installation, and high costs. Most of the time, maintenance is still necessary long-term, and the bearings are only corrosionresistant in special designs. igubal® spherical bearings put an end to all of these disadvantages: they are easy to fit, cost-effective, lightweight and robust.

When to use it?

  • For high axial and radial loads
  • When an easy installation is required
  • In case of reduced installation space
  • If chemical resistance is required
  • If a cost-effective option is requested
  • If you need dirt-resistant bearings
    To adjust misalignment

When not to use it?

  • When temperatures are higher than +80°C
  • For dimensions above 30mm
  • When rotation speeds higher than 0.5m/s are
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