IZ16E Incremental Battery Powered Display & Sensor

The battery powered IZ16E system consists of a large 7 digit LCD display and an incremental  magnetic sensor (resolution 0.1 mm) for position measurement. No wiring required.

  • 7 digit LCD display with sign and special characters
  • Battery status and angle display
  • Easy mounting via snap-in housing (compatible to Z16)
  • Configurable display-modes: mm / m/ inch with fraction display
  • Adjustable counting direction
  • Adjustable decimal point and multiplication factor
  • Keylock
  • Adjustable reference value
  • Switch-over between incremental and absolute measuring
  • 3 adjustable tool offsets
  • Optional: 2 external inputs for special characters via RJ45
  • Optional: 2 external outputs via RJ45
  • Available interfaces: RS232 / RS485 / RF868 MHz
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