Universal sealing element for handling different workpieces

Schmalz sealing foams are used on vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz such as the area gripping system FXP/FMP and the area gripping system FMHD as well as on grippers from other manufacturers. The advantage of sealing foams is that you can handle different workpieces with minimum leaks using the same gripper. This allows you to move workpieces with unevenness, roughness and gaps dynamically and efficiently.


High-quality replacement and exchange foams for vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz of the FXP/FMP, FMHD, FQE, FXCB/FMCB series as well as for grippers from other manufacturers
Use for handling different workpieces with the same gripper with as little leakage as possible
Safe and efficient handling of workpieces with irregularities, rough surfaces and recesses
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