Easytube "light": SETC

The linear unit for easy adjustment functions is characterised by a simple but effective and solid design. A complete system is built up from few components. The outer anodised aluminium tube guides the carriage/s and at the same time protects the trapezoidal lead screw and lead screw nut from external influences. Carriage, torque support and trapezoidal lead screw nut are in one component and are made from a special plain bearing highperformance polymer. This guarantees freedom from lubrication with simultaneously low coefficient of friction and optimal wear rates. The iglidur® bearing materials are also used in the thrust bearings of the lead screw.

  • Protected lead screw
  • Effective design
  • Available with measurement scale without
    lead screw
  • Flanged version for axial mounting in surfaces
    and profiles

Typical application areas

  • Sensor and camera positioning
  • Format adjustment
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