Electrical Vacuum Generator ECBPi MATCH

  • Vacuum generator with gripper for handling airtight and slightly porous workpieces
  • Use within the End-of-Arm Ecosystem MATCH in combination with vacuum and mechanical grippers, assisted by digital services (e.g. setup wizard)
  • Flexible use in human-robot collaboration (MRK environment) as well as in mobile robotics
  • Various mechanical and vacuum grippers are available to match the workpiece and the handling task
  • If the requirements change, the system is quickly and easily adapted
Product Highlights
  • Ready-to-connect handling set for easy assembly and commissioning (plug & work)
  • Full compatibility with MATCH platform (suitable quick-change module RMQC for robot type must be ordered separately)
  • Wide range of applications due to interchangeable suction cups or gripping systems
  • Saving of compressed air hoses due to purely electrical operation
  • Integrated ventilation valve for fast, precise placement of the workpiece during handling
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