Inductive Sensors Welding Field Resistant with Correction Factor 1

Welding field resistant inductive sensors with correction factor 1 detect objects made of various types of metal – including non-ferrous metals – at identical switching distances. A Teflon coating protects the rugged housing against adverse conditions in welding equipment. Beyond this, with immunity to magnetic flux densities of greater than 200 millitesla they work reliably in electromagnetic fields, thus ensuring maximized system availability. Demanding presence checking and position monitoring tasks can be reliably implemented with increased switching distances of up to 50 mm and high switching frequencies of up to 4200 Hz – with fewer sensor types and more compact housings.

Application examples:

  • Presence checking for metal parts in pressing plants
  • Position detection of metal parts in welding processes
  • Material tracking for the production of castings
  • Detection of metal parts in chassis components manufacturing
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