Standard Toothed Belt Axes: ZLW

drylin® SLN linear axes is a compact solution. The axis measures 28 x 22mm and can be configured with stroke lengths of up to 250mm. Thanks to the lubrication-free plastic sliders, it is quiet and very light. The axis is based on the tried-andtested drylin® N system, size 27. It is available both mounted on plain bearings or on ball bearings in the shaft end supports. The drylin® SLN linear axis can be adjusted manually using the hand wheel or combined with the drylin® stepper and DC motors.

  • Ultra-compact design
  • 3 carriage types (basic/adjustable/pre-load)
  • Lubrication-free drylin® low-profile linear guide
  • Modular design

Typical application areas

  • Sensors
  • Inspection technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Medical technology
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