2D/3D Profile Sensors

2D/3D Profile Sensors project a laser line onto the object to be detected and generate an accurate, linearized height profile with an internal camera which is set up at a triangulation angle. Thanks to its uniform, open interface, the weCat3D series can be incorporated by means of the DLL program library or the GigE Vision standard without an additional control unit. Alternatively, Wenglor offers its own software packages for implementing your application. Individualized selection from a great variety of working ranges, laser classes and light types (red and blue light) ensures maximized flexibility for two and three-dimensional object detection.

The weCat3D range of sensor is subdivided into two performance classes: weCat3D MLSL and weCat3D MLWL. Whereas the weCat3D MLSL provides for high performance in standard applications with its compact design, the weCat3D MLWL assures maximized, top performance.
The weCat3D MLSL is distinguished by its minimal weight of just 300 g / 500g and a space-saving housing. Up to 3.6 million measuring points per second, an output rate of up to 4000 Hz, visual field widths from 27 to 1350 mm, high resolution (up to 22 µm in visual field width X and up to 3.3 µm in working distance Z) deliver outstanding performance.

The weCat3D MLWL is distinguished by previously unparalleled performance characteristics: up to 12 million measuring points per second, an output rate of up to 6000 Hz, visual field widths from 30 to 1300 mm and high resolution (up to 17 µm in visual field width X and up to 2.0 µm in working distance Z) impressively demonstrate the breathtaking high performance and precision of this product range.

Application examples:

  • Surface inspection of pipes
  • Volumetric measurement in cutting machines used in the food industry
  • 360° measurement of tree trunks
  • Profile measurements for rails
  • Guidance of welding heads and ultrasonic inspection probes
  • Real-time angle measurement during the bending process in brake presses
  • Adhesive and sealant bread monitoring at dosing systems
  • 3D measurement in coordinate measuring machines
  • Contour inspection in pipe, cable and rubber manufacturing
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