• Finger grippers for direct contact with food, for example when transferring products into trays or for quality control
  • The slim finger design allows small products to be placed close together, for example in a sushi lunch box
  • Handling of organic products with deviating shapes and characteristics, such as chicken legs or apples
  • Use in logistics for picking small parts in packaging such as nets or bags
  • Use in automated systems in which different products are processed
Product Highlights
  • Flexible, gentle and low-marking gripper for a wide range of tasks thanks to rounded design based on the human hand
  • Finger gripper optionally in hygienic design, suitable for direct food handling
  • Flexible finger connection for the realization of different gripping patterns with only one tool
  • Slim fingers allow handling of closely positioned workpieces
  • Opening angle, gripping force and finger positions can be flexibly adjusted
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