Print Mark Readers

Print mark readers operate using a white light LED with a long service life, and produces a very small light spot. All brightness and colour combinations between the print mark and the background are detected using only one sensor.

Print mark readers from the WM03 series detect up to 20 grey levels and can be optimally adjusted to suit any application using several teach-in modes (e.g. dynamic teach-in, window teach-in, two-point teach-in). The deactivation of the output can be put forward using the connectible time delay function.

The sensors of the WP02 and WP04 series are characterized by a small spot of light and high contrast resolution. Thanks to the very small spot of light, the high switching frequency and various teaching modes are adjustable to any application. The threshold can be adjusted manually via a key potentiometer.

Application examples:

  • Differentiate up to 100 grey levels
  • Recognize extremely small print marks at high speed
  • Recognize prints, tax stamps and labels
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