Power supplies

Experience unparalleled reliability and performance with a range of WIPOS Power Supply Units, designed to meet the demanding needs of your machinery and processes. These robust power supplies ensure maximum availability and efficiency, making them essential for any industrial application. The WIPOS family features a straightforward, no-frills design, focusing on fundamental qualities that deliver consistent and dependable power. Capable of providing 100% power output up to 60°C, these units are ideal for even the most challenging environments.

These Power Supply Units offer versatility with automatic or wide-input ranges, suitable for global use. Equipped with PFC technology, they ensure high functional reliability and support outdoor installation. Active monitoring with signal contact and the ability to connect in parallel from 5A enhance power and redundancy. With long hold-up times exceeding 30 ms, the power supplies compensate for voltage drops, ensuring high operational reliability and easy commissioning.

Features & Benefits

  • High Temperature Performance: Provides 100% power output up to 60°C, ideal for demanding environments.
  • Global Compatibility: Automatic or wide-input range for worldwide use.
  • PFC Technology: Ensures high functional reliability and efficiency.
  • Outdoor Installation: Suitable for outdoor applications, offering flexibility in placement.
  • Active Monitoring: Features signal contact for active monitoring and increased reliability.
  • Parallel Connectivity: Can be connected in parallel from 5A to boost power and redundancy.
  • Long Hold-Up Times: Ensures high operational reliability with hold-up times greater than 30 ms.
  • Voltage Drop Compensation: Compensates for voltage drops, maintaining stable operation.
  • Easy Commissioning: Simplifies the installation and setup process, reducing downtime.
  • Robust Design: Built for durability and long-lasting performance in industrial settings.
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