E4.1L - Inner heights 31-64mm, Inner widths 40-300mm

All-rounder e-chains® and e-tubes for outstanding dynamic responsiveness. The E4.1L series has been developed to combine the advantages of the E2/000 and E4.1 in one series. The strength and stability of the E4.1 system combined with the easy accessibility of the E2/000 system. The E4.1L system is the ideal energy chain for mechanical engineering and applications of all kinds where there must be an optimum relationship between technical requirements and economic efficiency.

  • Inner heights: 31 to 64 mm
  • Crossbar openable from both sides along inner and outer radius
  • Quiet operation due to integrated brakes
  • Undercut design for the best possible lateral stability
  • Can be closely adapted to the application
  • Best possible value for money 
  • 30% less weight and 80% faster installation than comparable series
  • Double stop-dog system and large pin/bore connection for high level of force absorption

E4.1L - Inner heights 31-64mm, Inner widths 40-300mm Product Range

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