SHT Linear Modules

The drylin® product portfolio provides lubrication-free linear modules that are driven either by a trapezoidal thread, high helix thread or toothed belt. The user can choose a suitable individual solution from lightweight solid plastic units up to heavy-duty stainless steel solutions. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the drive given either via hand wheel or motor.

When to use it?

  • For format adjustments
  • In extreme environments
  • When a cost-effective, ready-to-fit solution
    is required
  • When corrosion resistance is required
  • When a quiet operation is required
    When not to use it?
  • When high loads need to travel at highly
    dynamic forces
  • When positioning accuracy <0.1mm is
  • When high running performance is required in
    continuous operation

SHT Linear Modules Product Range

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