Plastic Plain Bearings

The igus® Iglidur range of polymer plain bearings will help to improve your products, whilst reducing costs at the same time. The polymer bearings require no maintenance as they are dirt resistant, corrosion free and lubrication free. They are light weight, which makes them good for the environment. The products are predictable, enabling precise calculations of their life cycle.

Iglidur plain bearings are available in three forms, sleeve bearings, flanged bearings and thrust washers. There is a wide range of standard stocked sizes in the many varied materials. The sleeve and flanged bearings are designed to be press fit into a machined housing.

There is a large range of specially engineered iglidur compounds which are suitable for a varied range of applications. The standard materials are capable of solving most applications. For more specific requirements there are more polymer materials for general purpose, long service, temperature resistance, water resistance, food contact and special applications.

Plastic Plain Bearings Product Range

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