Electric and pneumatic vacuum generators are generally available. The electric vacuum generators do not require any additional tubing and are suitable for workpieces up to 10 kg. Pneumatic vacuum generators provide a higher suction capacity and allow for a handling of heavier weights and porous workpieces.

All vacuum generators presented here have an integrated NFC tag. You can also use it to parameterize and adjust the devices via smartphone. You also have access to operating instructions, accessories and spare parts as well as important process data.

Electric Vacuum Generators

A core element of the Schmalz portfolio for lightweight robotics are the electric vacuum generators – intelligent and independent from compressed air vacuum pumps with integrated interface for gripper and robot connection. They are suitable for air-tight and slightly porous workpieces. Since the vacuum is generated without compressed air and the associated tubing, the lightweight robot remains mobile and flexible.



Pneumatic Vacuum Generators

Pneumatic vacuum generators, so-called ejectors, are operated via a compressed air line. They have a higher suction capacity than the electric vacuum pump and can therefore also handle porous workpieces. The ejectors are particularly small, compact and powerful.

Schmalz offers a wide range of pneumatic vacuum generators for other applications.

Vacuum Generators Product Range

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