Robotic Applications

Elevate the performance of your robotics with the triflex R® (TRE, TRC, and TRL) Energy Chains, the ultimate solution designed specifically for demanding applications in robotics. These chains are expertly engineered to accommodate the intricate rotating and pivoting movements that are commonplace in advanced robotic systems, providing unmatched protection and guidance for your robot cables.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for 3D Applications: The triflex R® series is tailor-made for complex multi-axis robotic movements, ensuring seamless operation in all three dimensions.
  • High Tensile Force Absorption: With exceptional tensile force absorption, these chains can handle intense stress and strain, enhancing the overall reliability of your robotic systems.
  • Exceptional Flexibility: Offering ±10° rotation per chain link, the triflex R® facilitates complicated motions in vertical axes, accommodating a wide range of robotic movements.
  • Defined Bend Radius: Unlike traditional cable protection hoses, triflex R® provides a defined bend radius, significantly increasing the service life of cables and hoses.
  • Protection and Safety: These energy chains ensure that cables and hoses are safely guided and protected from wear and tear, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Enhanced Cable and Hose Longevity: The defined bend radius and protective design of triflex R® chains contribute to a much longer lifespan for your cables and hoses.
  • Ideal for Robotic Applications: These chains are perfect for various robotic applications, including those in manufacturing, automotive assembly, and precision engineering.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: Designed with simplicity in mind, triflex R® chains are straightforward to install and maintain, ensuring minimal downtime and increased efficiency.

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