Multi-Clamp Suction Plates VC-M-SP / VC-M-SPV

  • Multi-Clamp suction plate for clamping small and medium-size workpieces for manual processing or mounting
  • The bottom suction area fixes the suction plate to the workbench, while the vacuum on the top side fixes the workpiece
  • Version VC-M-SP with integrated vacuum generation through the Venturi principle (can be operated on any conventional compressed air supply)
  • Version VC-M-SPV with connection for external vacuum pump for independent use at any location

Product Highlights:

  • More gentle on the workpiece than conventional clamping systems thanks to soft friction and sealing materials
  • Integrated vacuum generation in version VC-M-SP makes additional vacuum pump unnecessary
  • Ready for immediate use, universally applicable and easy to operate
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