The standard for circular movements: rotating energy supply solution

For several years already, igus® has been developing customised systems for circular movements with energy chains, referred to as rotating energy supplies. As a result, rotating assemblies can be supplied with energy, data and liquids, for example, on machine tools, in the field of robotics and even in bucket wheel excavators.

The igus® standard rotary modules consist of two circular guide elements. One part of the guide trough is attached to the static part of the system and the other part to the rotating part of the system. Because the rotary modules can be turned by both their inner or outer parts, the fixed end for the e-chains® can be chosen freely. In the main, e-chains® from the E4.1 series are used for "simple" applications and energy chains of the E2.1 and E2/000 series also for rotary modules.

The standard for circular movements

  • Rotation angles up to 540° ( on one level)
  • Rotation angles of 900° and more are possible with the igus® Multi Rotation Modules
  • Maximum angle of rotation in the smallest space
  • Rotation speed up to 360°/s
  • Lighter and more compact than static guide troughs
  • Minimum displacement forces, maximum service life
  • Modular construction with standardised mounting options
  • Integrated strain relief and cable guidance within the guide trough
  • Configure rotating energy supply quickly and easily using CAD configurator
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