Fluid Sensors

Reliable and stable processes involving liquid and gaseous media necessitate continuous, intelligent process monitoring. Fluid sensors from Wenglor assure fully transparent production sequences. They acquire relevant parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and fill-level in systems and machines.

Thanks to their extremely fast response times, fluid sensors deliver accurate measured values to the controller in real-time via the IO-Link interface. Sequences can be optimized, the consumption of resources can be reduced and system availability can be increased on the basis of the acquired data – for more productivity and efficiency.

Two Functions in a Single Sensor

The high-performance fluid sensors are amongst the most accurate products within their respective categories. Furthermore, sensors from the weFlux² series offer a unique scope of functions: they combine two measuring functions along with an analysis module in a compact stainless-steel housing.

Customer-Specific Solutions

With more than 1000 fluid sensors, the broad-based product portfolio provides the ideal solution for any conceivable customer requirements.

Wenglor’s weFlux² product range includes pressure sensors, flow sensors and temperature sensors which are distinguished by their characteristic stainless-steel housings in hygienic design. The product range is based on a modular platform making it possible to adapt housing, probe length, process connections and sensor outputs to customer-specific requirements.

uni series sensors for pressure, flow rate and temperature are distinguished by their large, user-friendly display. Wenglor’s LevelTech range makes sensors available for universal fill-level measurement in industrial and hygienic applications.

Optimise your production processes with Wenglor Fluid Sensors, designed for precise and reliable monitoring of liquid and gaseous media. Essential for maintaining stable and efficient operations, these high-performance sensors continuously track critical parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, and fill level in systems and machines. With their ultra-fast response times and real-time data transmission via the IO-Link interface, Wenglor Fluid Sensors ensure fully transparent production sequences, allowing you to optimise processes, reduce resource consumption, and increase system availability.

Features & Benefits

  • Precise Monitoring: Accurately measures pressure, flow rate, temperature, and fill level.
  • Fast Response Times: Provides real-time data to controllers via the IO-Link interface.
  • Dual Functionality: Combines multiple measuring functions in one compact sensor.
  • Stainless-Steel Housing: Durable and hygienic design suitable for various environments.
  • Customisable Solutions: A modular platform allows adaptation to specific requirements.
  • Broad Product Range: Over 1000 fluid sensor models are available to meet diverse needs.
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimises processes and reduces resource consumption based on real-time data.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Improves system availability and operational transparency.
  • User-Friendly Display: Large, easy-to-read display on uni series sensors for pressure, flow, and temperature.
  • Universal Application: Suitable for industrial and hygienic applications with LevelTech fill-level sensors.

Fluid Sensors Product Range

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