Fixed Flange Bearings

igubal® fixed flange bearings have been developed for supporting the centre or ends of shafts. Like all standard igubal® products, these bearings consist of an igumid G housing and an iglidur® W300 spherical ball. For temperatures up to +200°C please select the HT version (High Temperature). igubal® fixed flange bearings are made to the dimensional E series and are offered with two or four mounting holes.

When to use it?

  • If chemical resistance is required
  • If a cost-effective option is requested
  • If you need dirt-resistant bearings
  • To adjust misalignment
  • If you need split components
  • If temperatures higher than +200°C are

When not to use it?

  • When temperatures are higher than +200°CHT version, page 814-813
  • When an integrated fixing collar is required
  • When dimensions above 50mm are required
  • When rotation speeds higher than 0.5m/s are
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