• Oval bellows suction cup with 1.5 folds for dynamic handling of elongated sheet metal parts e.g. reinforcing ribs and plates
  • Handling of thin steel sheets and aluminum sheets without deformation or deep-drawing
  • For use e.g. in feeder systems for press lines in the automotive industry
  • Displacement-free handling of oiled sheets due to special slot on the underside of the suction cup e.g. for precise positioning in punching machines
Product Highlights
  • Oval design with 1.5 folds for elongated workpieces or stamped and body parts
  • Large, structured inner support prevents deep drawing and withstands the highest lateral forces even on oily sheets
  • Wide range of diameters for a large selection of different workpieces
  • High stiffness of the upper fold provides stability under horizontal forces and lateral acceleration
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