High-performance palletizers for warehousing and intralogistics

Together with capable palletizing robots and gantries, vacuum layer gripping systems from Schmalz increase the production output in the automated handling of products in various industries. Individually planned systems guarantee an optimal process integration and ensure a quick return on investment.


  • Palletizing and de-palletizing of layers of various goods
  • Use in warehouse logistics and intralogistics
  • Handling of layers with gaps, mixed layers, intermediate layers, pallets, cardboard packaging and film packaging
  • Palletizing and de-palletizing partial pallets by the combination of vacuum technology and mechanical gripping support

Your Benefits

  • Secure and damage-free gripping of various layer sizes and layer patterns
  • Higher throughput due to process acceleration
  • No gripper changeover and set-up times when performing job changes
  • Innovative gripping concept with mechanical support and global vacuum for additional holding forces
  • Use in the freezer industry sector in areas down to -30°C (optional)
  • Skilled system design according to individual requirements


  • Flange connection STARR Rigid connection to common robots and gantries
  • Flange connection FLEX Spring-mounted connection to common robots and gantries
  • Various gripper modules
  • With intermediate layer handling
  • With global vacuum chamber
  • With layer detection
  • With mechanical clamping
  • Suction box with foam For virtually all workpieces, optionally with zoning
  • Suction box with suction cups For uneven workpieces, optionally with zoning
  • Suction box with skirt For difficult workpieces, with global vacuum chamber
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