Cyber dynamic line servo motors


The Hygienic Design version of the brushless servo motors in the cyber® dynamic line are three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors for output ratings up to 335 W. They feature an absolute encoder with a BISS C interface and facilitate excellent acceleration values, cycle rates and machine throughputs thanks to their high dynamic factor. These motors are strictly in conformity with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) guidelines and therefore ideal for all production and packaging tasks where absolute cleanliness is a must.


  • Suited for hygienic and sterile production
  • Direct contact with food allowed
  • Fast, efficient and reliable cleaning
  • Resistant to chemical cleaning materials and disinfectants
  • Optimal sealing properties (IP69X)
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • New design freedom because the drive is integrated directly in the process

Protection against corrosion

WITTENSTEIN can also supply a corrosion resistant version of the cyber® dynamic line for applications where highly robust, industry-standard brushless DC motors are stipulated. These brushless servo motors are made entirely of stainless steel and achieve IP66/67 protection. They deliver up to 12 Nm of torque with an outer diameter of 40 mm in combination with the one to three-stage version of our optimally interacting planetary gearboxes.

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