Series E4.21 - Inner height 21mm, Inner width 30-120 mm

  • Straight run through inner/outer-link design
  • Quiet operation through integrated brake on the radial stop-dogs
  • Very high rigidity with radial loads due to the undercut design
  • 15% more tensile strength (compared to the best old E4 series), extended unsupported length through improved stop-dog system and vertical radial stops
  • e-chain® crossbars removable from both sides
  • Wide plastic crossbars – cable-friendly
  • Optimised sliding surfaces – long service-life
  • Smooth outer contours, less dirt adhesion
  • Varied interior separation
  • Strain relief possible with strain relief crossbar on the mounting bracket
  • Pivoting mounting brackets which can be attached from any side
  • Alternatively available with Reverse Bend Radius, also on both sides (RBR version)
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