Innospann Clamping Equipment ISCUP/ISMB/ISQB

  • The suction cup mounts Mono-Base ISMB and Quad-Base ISQB are positioned on the Steel-Plate ISST or the Innospann Adapter-Plate ISAP
  • Alternatively, the mounts ISQB or ISMB are available for direct adaptation to flat or grid tables
  • The suction cups ISCUP are connected to the base and are continuously rotatable in the base
  • The cups are available in three sizes to ensure maximum flexibility
  • Variable total height through various suction cup heights and optional spacer rings

Product Highlights:

  • Flexible use, as bases and suction cups can be freely positioned on Steel-Plate, Adapter-Plate as well as on grid and flat tables
  • Modular system enables quick, easy and inexpensive replacement of wearing parts
  • Adaptation to the working height with the aid of spacer rings
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