• Spring plunger with two damping springs and special slide bearings for handling workpieces with differences in height, e.g. curved sheet metal or wooden parts
  • Handling very sensitive components without additional control requirements (e.g. glass sheets), it ensures the workpieces are set down gently
  • Handling very warped and naturally grown materials (e.g. dried wood) without additional technical control requirements
  • Use under harsh conditions
  • For handling tasks with very dynamic motion and short cycle times

Product Highlights
  • Maintenance-free and durable thanks to high-quality plain bearings and push rod; enables minimum cycle times
  • With two damping springs optimized for sensitive workpieces
  • Connection plate enables easy connection to Schmalz grippers of the F-series and SBX-C
  • Suction cup connections with male and female thread suitable for numerous suction cups
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