Variety, optimization of production processes, and continuous energy and process control are the challenges of the future. In order to meet these demands, powerful, flexible and energy-efficient vacuum systems are required. The answer is our Compact Terminal SCTSi Ethernet, a compact unit of several vacuum generators for simultaneously and independently handling different parts with a single vacuum system.

The compact terminal SCTSi is sort of the masterpiece of our engineers, a compact and powerful unit for vacuum generation in automated systems. Now Schmalz has enhanced the Ethernet version of the terminal by adding new modules. Via an IO-Link master that can be integrated into the terminal, field devices can be connected via IO-Link and thus communicate directly with the PLC. Digital field devices such as sensors are integrated via digital input modules – without separate I/O modules. The terminal thus becomes the central control unit for vacuum gripping systems.


  • Compact terminal for simultaneous, independent handling of different parts with only one vacuum system
  • Handling of airtight and slightly porous workpieces
  • Central unit for vacuum generation, control and monitoring
  • Integration into fully automated handling and production systems
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