PMA Automation

PMA Automation is dedicated to advancing your automation and robotics applications with top-tier cable protection solutions. Designed for dynamic environments, our range of products ensures optimal protection against abrasion, delivering flexibility and longevity where it matters most.

Step into the future of cable management in automation with PMA Automation. Explore the range today and find the perfect solutions to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your automated systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimal Cable Protection: Conduits and accessories are engineered to provide dependable protection against abrasion, preserving the integrity of your cables in automation settings.
  • High Flexibility for Dynamic Applications: Specially designed for motion-intensive applications, these products offer the flexibility needed for seamless operation in automation and robotics.
  • Long Service Life: With a focus on reduced mechanical stress, these conduits and accessories ensure a longer service life, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your systems.

PMA Automation Product Range

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