PMA Adapter Solution

The unique PMA fire barrier adapters allow the termination of a cable protection system to a fire wall.  The adapter uses intumescent material to seal all cavities in the event of a fire and can be attached directly to the fire wall. 
It ensures that cables and wires can be fed through the fire barrier while retaining an E15, E30 or E45 rating according to EN45545-3 (depending upon the installation)
These adapters are available in sizes M16 to M63 and can be adapted to any wall structure to ensure simple and safe assembly.


The intumescent material is fixed within the adapter to block the transport of fire, heat and fumes. 
The material expands to fill the cavities between the cables within the adapter. Intumescent materials (typically sodium silicate or graphite) swell as a result of heat exposure to many times their original volume. 
The PMA adapter use this material very effectively to seal cavities preventing heat, fire and gases from passing through.
The Intumescent material within the PMA solution blocks transport of fire heat and fumes in accordance to EN45545-3.

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