• Modular clamping system for precise metal and plastic machining
  • The Steel-Plate is mounted vacuum-tight on the Schmalz Matrix-Plate
  • Vacuum blocks ISBL are positioned flexibly and tubelessly above the vacuum openings and are magnetically pre-fixed
  • All the processed materials are optimized specially for use with cooling lubricants
  • The modular design allows for quick changeovers for workpieces that are changed frequently, and can also be retrofitted for pre-installed Matrix-Plates

Product Highlights:

  • Modular system for retrofitting, can be used with the Matrix-Plate MPL
  • In combination with vacuum blocks ISBL, optimal for breakthroughs and 5-axis machining
  • Lasered-on grid provides orientation for positioning the vacuum blocks
  • Durable and resistant to cooling lubricants through the use of aluminum, stainless steel and robust plastics
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