iglidur® clearance-free pre-loaded plain bearings

iglidur® JVSM and JVFM plain bearings are clearance-free in unloaded condition due to the axial and/or radial pre-load. The iglidur® J material possesses extremely low coefficient of friction in dry operation and a very low stick-slip effect. Ideal for "antivibration mounting" of pedal box bearings, etc.

When to use it?

  • When a radial and/or axial pre-load of plain
    bearings is required
  • When a rattle-free bearing in the unloaded
    state is required
  • When you need a clearance-free feel

When not to use it?

  • When a plain bearing solution with reduced
    clearance is needed - Please contact us
  • When the pre-load has to withstand high
    radial forces
  • When total zero clearance feature is required
    at high loads
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