The weQubeVision is based on the Wenglor MultiCore technology and offers numerous image processing functions.

The Wenglor MultiCore technology connects five high-performance processors with a novel software concept. The result is a unique product enabling ideal interaction of numerous functions and summarizing several process steps.

weQubeVision – the image processing package – is available in hardware variants equipped with auto-focus or C mount threaded connection.

With MultiCore you will use Industrial Ethernet for the first time without losing time – the sensor continues to work with the same performance and speed during data communication via Industrial Ethernet as before.
With innovative 3D Tracking MultiCore provides optimal object detection. Within the visible area, objects can be moved in any direction or vary in height while still being securely detected. In case of project or batch changes additional adjustment of the focal point is possible, this ensures maximum flexibility with utmost reliability.
MultiCore integrates Teach+, which offers rapid and site-independent optimization of system settings and adjustment to changing conditions. This prevents production downtimes and machine standstills. To do so, Wenglor neither interferes with the project nor interrupts running processes. Customers have full control over the data which Wenglor can access at all times. Teach+ makes on-site visits by the technical support unnecessary. This not only saves time, but also the environment benefits. Therefore Teach+ means extra time, extra safety, extra transparency and extra environmental benefit for Wenglor customers.

MultiCore products comprise numerous features ensuring optimal ease of use: The graphic display shows the process data and does not only allow easy teach-in of parameters, but also creation of Teach+ Files directly at the sensor. In case of project changes, Wenglor customers benefit from the website of their Wenglor product from which settings can easily be made without PC software. Another advantage are the FTP server and client, which allow receiving and storing of image/project data and settings. The data is stored on a micro SD card and can thus even be transmitted to other sensors.
Objects of different height are detected by means of the autofocus, the focal point is adjusted during project change. Equipped with an encoder input MultiCore products operate independently from varying belt and rotation speeds and are therefore ideally suited for applications on conveyor belts or rotary indexing tables. MultiCore speaks all languages – numerous, various interfaces enable multiple communications in all directions. The MultiCore statistics module provides numerous tools for automation optimization, such as minimum, maximum, average value and trend analysis.

The MultiCore-based weQubeVision by Wenglor convinces by numerous image processing functions. The colour chip enables numerous colour applications, such as sorting of products by colour. The dimensional accuracy of products – i.e. their size or size deviation – can be determined by means of the measuring module. An object module detects objects based on their size and the sorting by size or focal point. Counting of pixels for presence control is also possible.

Application examples:

  • Presence control
  • Dimensional accuracy check
  • Counting objects
  • Sorting objects
  • Colour comparisons
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